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50th Anniversary

It was 1967. Lynden Baines Johnson was the President of the United States, the Vietnam War was raging, the average price of a new car was $2750. That’s when my grand-father, Jose S Ferreira, started Luzo Auto Body inside some vehicle storage garages on 20 Scott Street in New Bedford’s south end. Joined soon there-after by my father, John C Pinheiro, the two set out laying the ground work for a company that would triple in physical size and the original two employees would grow to fifteen. Another well known company also had its start across the street : AFC (American Flexible Conduit).

Immediate renovations were required … converting dirt floors to concrete, widening doors, supporting ceilings. Today, the original property is still very much a part of our operation with numerous upgrades such a high-tech spray booth and frame straightening and measuring equipment. In 1990 the purchase of the former Pelletier Refrigeration property tripled our footprint and added much needed interior height. This allowed the addition of numerous vehicle lifts enabling us to offer more maintenance services to our ever growing customer base. Laser four wheel alignment machines, A/C service, complete suspension and exhaust service are now part of our every day.

The initial commitment to high quality collision repair, customer service, and honesty continue at the center of everything we do everyday … all day … for the last fifty years. Take a look at some pictures from the early 70’s for a view of the early days at Luzo Auto Center.